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Good - Nourishment for your skin and hair

Gentle - Suitable for all skin types

Green - Friendly to the environment  


Our range of products uses quality ingredients aimed at protecting our skin and replenishing lost nutrients from daily exposure to pollutants, leaving it feeling clean and healthy. They are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) which are usually added to personal care products to create a rich lather to cleanse the body and scalp effectively. These have been linked to issues such as eczema to individuals with sensitive skin and scalp. With prolonged exposure to these chemicals, hair will become brittle and dry due to the buildup of chemicals which are very difficult to remove.



Our range of products are free of parabens as these compounds have been known to cause issues for people with sensitive skin. They have also been linked to several serious health concerns when used over a prolonged period. Hence, our priority when formulating our products is to ensure that they are suitable for all skin types and gentle for everyone.



Our range of products contain biodegradable ingredients and our packaging contains degradable additives which means that over time, they can be decomposed by other living organisms or bacteria. In addition, we do not conduct animal testing in the development of any of our products and do not use animal derived ingredients. We believe that reducing harm to biodiversity and our ecosystems is pertinent as we will need to protect the environment that we live in and preserve it well for the generations to come.

Good Gentle Green